Innovative Agricultural Products

Wobblers/Sprays & Micro

At HG, we provide Senninger’s solid set products line which includes wobbling sprinklers, non-impact sprinklers, precision sprayers and traditional impact sprinklers. These sprinklers apply water with excellent distribution uniformity and use ultra-low pressures comparable to many micro-irrigation systems.

Micro Sprinklers

Bowsmith Fan-Jet micro sprinklers feature an exclusive Fan-Jet frame with twin wedge post construction. They are durable, low profile and impact resistant. The open design has no pockets to collect debris or harbour insects. High grade copolymer material ensures precise alignment over time.

The integral fixed splash plate has no moving parts to jam or wear out. It stays aligned with the nozzle for consistent patterns. Eighteen spray patterns are available.

Colour coded nozzles have a quick-twist thread for fast, easy field installation. Seven sizes are available to choose from.


SCH 40/SCH 80 PVC Pipe

If you’ve been shopping around for PVC you may have heard the term “schedule”. Despite its deceiving title, schedule doesn’t have anything to do with time. A PVC pipe’s schedule has to do with the thickness of its walls. Maybe you’ve seen that schedule 80 pipe is slightly more costly than schedule 40.

Though the outside diameter of a schedule 80 pipe and a schedule 40 pipe are the same, 80 pipe has thicker walls. This standard of measuring pipe came from a need to have a universal system for referring to PVC. Since different wall thicknesses are beneficial in different situations, the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) came up with the schedule 40 and 80 system for classifying the two common types.

The main differences between Schedule 40 (Sch 40) and Schedule 80 (Sch 80) are:

  • Water Pressure Rating
  • Sizing & Diameter (Wall Thickness)
  • Color
  • Application & Use


Purchase the Right Piping

At HGG, we sell schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC piping as well as fittings and other accessories at extremely competitive prices.


SDR-26 PVC Pipe

SDR PVC pipes are specialty pressure pipes. The maximum pressure rating for SDR pipes remains the same at different diameters.


SCH 40/SCH 80 PVC Fittings

HG carries a selection of PVC pipe and fittings.  PVC pipe which is made from polymerized vinyl chloride, a synthetic resin, which when plasticized or softened with other chemicals has some rubber-like properties. Derived from acetylene and anhydrous hydrochloric acid. Our PVC pipe has nominal sizes that are to be used with PVC socket fittings (schedule 40) and PVC socket or threaded fittings (schedule 80). All PVC socket fittings are designed to go on the outside of the pipe, not the inside.

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