Innovative Agricultural Products

Suction Hose & Strainers

Foot valves are designed to hold prime and prevent back flow in a pumping system. A foot valve is a rubber flapper gasket inside the foot valve swings open and out of the flow while pumping. When pumping stops, the flapper swings shut and closes the foot valve. There are no springs. The water column itself provides the pressure on the flapper, which in turn seals the valve. A steel disk on each side of the flapper holds the flapper in the proper position.

Strainers are used to stop debris from entering the pump and damaging the internal parts. The strainer neck is standard PVC pipe, tapped and provided with a series of stainless steel set screws. If the suction line is aluminum tube, it can be inserted into the PVC neck and the set screws tightened to secure it. Since the neck is standard PVC an assorted choice of PVC fittings (couplers, threaded adapters, companion flanges, etc.) can be installed to attach the strainer to a wide range of suction lines.

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