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Bowsmith drip tape has the largest flow path of any drip tape on the market. This results in reduced clogging, better emission uniformity, and performance for increased yields. It incorporates a unique 3D turbo technology to prevent sediment build up. Bowsmith’s Bigfoot Drip Tape offers a cost-effective option for water distribution. Moisture within the root zone can be maintained while the unique slit outlets of the Bigfoot drip tape prevent root intrusion.

  • Largest flow path of any drip tape on the market
  • Reduced clogging
  • Unique 3D Turbo Technology to prevent sediment build up
  • Better emission uniformity
  • Better performance for increased yields


CV < 0.03

Emitter Exponent: 0.5

Wall Thickness: 6 mil, 8 mil, 10 mil

*other sizes available


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