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Reliable, sensitive, simple, intelligent and precise are just a few words that describe the value of these implements. One of the first crucial points in the growing season is in fact at seeding or transplanting time. Our top quality equipment, designed to be specific to your seeding and transplanting needs, save you time and money while getting the job done well and quickly.

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The Polyplanter can precisely sow most uncoated seeds with precision accuracy. The Polyplanter uses a Monsem vacuum seed unit. Its precision includes the singulation of seeds from the size of pepper seeds to as large as lima beans. The Monosem does a great job in holding the seed to the seed plate –even seeds that are not uniformly standard in size. With a planting head that is 80”, the following spacings can be achieved:

1 point  =80″ spacing              2 points =40″ spacing         3 points =26″ spacing

4 points =20″ spacing             5 points =16″ spacing         6 points =13″ spacing

8 points =10″ spacing           10 points =8″ spacing         12 points =  6.5″ spacing                15 points =  5.25″ spacing

A six point wheel can easily be converted to a three point, simply by removing some points and changing the seed plate. Seeds like cucumbers, for example, can also be precision dropped 1, 2, or 3 seeds at a time per point if desired.

During seeding, the seeder heads puncture planting holes into the plastic instead of being torn so that there are no flaps. Also the seeds are planted in the middle of the hole for excellent seed placement. Depth adjustment is simply regulated by adjusting the packing wheel and the downward by a tension spring, The Polyplanter can be built to seed through 3 rows of plastic at the same time and on raised beds as high as 12″. Also it can be made to lay the plastic and plant at the same time.

73 Samco 2 Row Seeder 2 300x206 - PlantingSAMCO pneumatic drills were developed in order to provide users with a consistent quality of seedlings even in difficult conditions. Equipped with Optima Kverneland seed units, the drill offers a very good quality of sowing regardless the type and size of the seed.The 2 Row machine is generally sold to sweet corn growers and small farmers. It has an output of 5 hectares per day.

  • • 3 point linkage required to lift machine
  • • Four track irradiators tines
  • • Easy adjustment of the seeding rate
  • • Equipped with a P.T.O driven spray system
  • • Adjustable discs for controlling the burial depth of the film

74 MaterMacc Seeders 2 300x207 - PlantingThis planter is characterized for its simple structure and does not require specific adjustments. Planters are very compact because planting units are directly mounted on the tool bar and have a low overhanging weight. Various number of planting units can be mounted, according to the width of the tool bar and the distance between the rows.

Rain-Flo Waterwheel Transplanters

75 RainFlo Waterwheel Transplanters 1 - Planting

Rain-Flo transplanters are versatile water wheel planters known for their ease of use in planting vegetables into plastic mulch. Assembled, they are field ready with one planting wheel and able to plant bare roots, pots, and plugs. These units have capacities that range from of 8″ to 3

6″ row spacing and one to four planting wheels in a single pass. The transplanters are equipped with two tanks for water and starter fertilizer and can carry between 20 and 25 trays.

  • • Quick change planting wheel setup
  • • Easy adjustment for comfort on seat and foot rest
  • • Large tires with highway bearings
  • • Side valve for washing hands
  • • Galvanized expanded metal trays

JGB Waterwheel Transplanters

76 JGB Waterwheel Transplanter 1 300x225 - PlantingJGB’s Waterwheel Transplanter is a complete unit that allows for these ease of planting regardless of the transplant type (to plant bare roots, pots, and plugs). Available to this unit are options for welded spike wheels or Super Wheels that allow for changeability of spike spacing.

  • • Self feeding tray racks
  • • On board tanks or water and starter fertilizer
  • • A variation of welded wheels is available
  • • Works with Super Wheels and adjustable spikes
  • • Additional cross rack is available for carrying additional trays