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Field Management

Plastic mulch layers are used to lay plastic mulch on the bed and secure it with soil. There are two types of mulch layers available, Flat bed or raised bed. Flat bed mulch layers have a press pan for smoothing out and leveling the soil. Raised bed mulch layers form a raised bed and cover it with plastic all in one pass. They are easily equipped with single or double drip applicators whereby drip tape can be laid simultaneously as the plastic is laid.

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Flatbed Layers are designed to make laying plastic mulch easy. Just feed the plastic under the large roller and dual wheels and the layer does the rest. The flat pan levels and floats the ground smooth and then firmly secures the edges of the plastic. The covering wheels and large roller float independently, providing a perfect job, even at high speeds.

Raised Bed Layers use bed shaping shoes and create an open furrow for the stretch wheels to hold the plastic while rear cover discs return soil to the plastic edges. These layers use double rollers for easy loading of plastic. Crucial to the forming of raised beds and application of the plastic mulch is a well cultivated field.

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SDI is more than an irrigation method, it’s a management tool that allows growers to apply the precise amount of water directly to the root zone, to improve control of fertilizer application, eliminate run-off and evaporation and drive consistently higher yields through improved plant health. With a subsurface drip irrigation system,

Drip lines are buried below the soil surface enabling water and nutrients to easily reach each plant’s root zone.

When used as a field management tool, drip irrigation gives the grower precise control over the root zone environment during the plant’s critical growth stages. Sub-Surface Drip Applicators enable growers to precise place drip lines at a depth into the soil bed that best suits the crop