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The Olson Vacleen stainless steel filter is an automatic, state-of-the-art, self-cleaning filtration system providing excellent filtration for agricultural applications. The system’s unique back flush cleaning cycle provides uninterrupted filtration due to the speed of the cleaning process and the minimal amount of system pressure drop. Sound engineering principles and modern technology, combined with user needs and experience, have produced the Vacleen Self-Cleaning Filter.

Manual disc & screen filters are high quality units that are built to last for many growing seasons. Easy access allows for quick cleaning. They are very affordable and can be used as a secondary filtration system on larger irrigation projects.

Olsen 500 Filter
This particular unit comes with an optional DC powered controller that can be set to clean the filter automatically, either by setting a pressure differential or via a timer.

NEW We now carry stands or trailers designed to hold the filtration system in place while offering easy transportation of the unit.

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